we are a group of people passionate about Jesus and His transforming power in our lives.


It's All About Jesus


The summary and sum of all our theological beliefs is Jesus Christ. everything we believe—all the nuances of our doctrine—spring from knowing God through His son, Jesus. He's our MVP and VIP. He's the reason we exist, the goal we aim for, and the explanation of life. 


Organized Religion


God chose people—specifically a community of people called the church—to carry out his mission on earth. That means the local church is meant to be God's direct expression of love and acceptance to the world, and anyone who considers themselves a christian should be an active part of the church.


Everyone Belongs


Good deeds have never saved anyone. We're all humans with the same needs for love and acceptance. we've found both through Jesus, and we want to help others also.


God Wants to Bless


We believe God prospers people so they can have enough for themselves and enough to share. We call it “blessed to bless” after all, if we're broke, how can we be generous to others?



Richard Wallace
Lead Pastor

Michelle Wallace
Women's Pastor & LCC Kids Coordinator


Rick Legg
Worship Pastor


Visit Us Sunday Mornings at 10:30 for Worship.


Our Worship experience takes place every Sunday morning at 10:30 at 1445 MacArthur Dr., Suite #150, Carrollton, TX 75007.



Wondering what we stand for? Wonder no more! The Bible is our only foundation. Find out more about what we stand for and the Biblical reasons for.

Events & Activities

Know what's going on at Life Change Church and join us for an event, a series, or all the time! Come as you are, we are always thrilled to meet new visitors or repeating folks,