Preview Success

Yesterday we completed our once-a-month "preview" worship experiences. As I look back on each of those experiences I see us growing as a team, and growing as a church. God has been faithful to bring us guests, and volunteers... He gave us an incredible space to worship in! Now I just cannot wait until Sunday, February 8 so that we can BLASTOFF and PARTY!

Better Together,

Pastor Richard and Michelle 

Blueprints and Plans

As I take my children to school each day I have enjoyed watching a church get an update and facelift. When I first recognized that work was being done on the facility I failed to see what they were trying to accomplish. As days passed there were times when it looked like the church had decided to simply go with an old aluminum building look. There is nothing wrong with this, I suppose, but it certainly would clash with the context and demographic. After weeks and months of wondering how ugly this product would be I was surprised! Yesterday as I drove by I noticed the building again. In so doing, I realized that over the last number of weeks I had been distracted and had not been paying attention to what was going on with the construction. When I saw the building yesterday it had been overlaid with beautiful brick, and the construction was marvelously completed.

Two things I took away. First, when God is working in someone's life; or even if He doesn't appear to be, don't be so quick to judge! For every product there is a process. God holds the blueprints and plans to beautiful lives, marriages, homes, and relationships. No matter what your situation looks like right now... Keep allowing the Masterbuilder to construct and do work in His time, and in His way.

Lastly, as a church, we are in a process right now of working toward a launch. That launch is set for Sunday, February 8, 2015. Between now and then we have set aside the second Sunday of each month as a "preview service" for what our services will look like once we are permanently inside of Castle Hills Elementary School. Honestly, I want the product, but right now... Today... I am struggling with the process! I see our children's ministry struggling at the community center, I know it is uncomfortable for our adults to split a room with our kids. What I am holding to is that we were led to this process by men who have walked this road before. Men who have endured the processes and are enjoying God's product... Thriving, life-giving... LIFE-CHANGING churches! 

From Our Hearts,

Richard and Michelle