Life Change Happens HERE!

Life-change happens HERE! People united in purpose, plan, and passion, but supersaturated in PRAYER! It's not found in the perfect plan, but invites the Perfect One into our plans! It does not lie in purpose alone; for some of the planet's most purposed people sit in need of life-change as well, but prayer ignites the perseverance of the Purposed One! Passion alone pushes people past the parameters of that which is wicked, or pure. But passion paired with prayer points a world in need of change to the persona of our passionate pursuing Savior! @lifechngdallas is not a place of promoted personalities, but powerless individuals pleading the power of Christ! We love the ministry of preaching, but without prevailing prayer preaching is a mere performance and absent the power to proclaim liberty and provision to the perishing! We perceive the pastor as exactly what he is... One person... Not to prop our lives upon, but one who points to The One to Whom we can rest upon; and reminds us that though not everyone can be a Preacher we are all purposed to be pREACHERS! Life-change is facilitated by people, purpose, passion, and plans but it is solely provided by the person of God and He is rarely moved in the public arenas of planning meetings, practice rooms,impassioned personalities, large platforms, or pulpit performances. Rather, it is in the perilous place where war between heaven and hell rage, where the souls of men are either purchased or pilfered... It is the private place of prayer! The disciples slept there while Jesus bled there. They were perplexed by their own powerlessness while Jesus proclaimed, "I was willing to fast and go there!" And too oftentimes I am that one... Too tired and hungry from other pursuits to be with Jesus in prayer!