On the Daily

On the daily. I cannot believe that God has called and chosen and equipped me for His calling...

On the daily. I am amazed that God has given me the blessing of my wife, my help-meet, my soul's supporter, my lover, my friend, my confidant, my ride or die- Michelle Wallace!

On the daily. I am eternally grateful to have a ring-side seat to watch the lives of the two greatest kids (in my unbiased estimation) grow up and be counted for God's Kingdom! I am eternally humbled that He has entrusted to me, the tender hearts of Gunner and Ember to shepherd! These two continually humble me and leave me standing in awe!

On the daily. I am honored to be an under-shepherd for the good and faithful people of Life Change Church! Together, we have seen God do the remarkable, improbable, and miraculous! On the daily. I have been given by God the opportunity to work for a man that loves God, me, my family, and our church; and allows those things to come before the demands of "secular" work... While helping lighten the financial load of all of the things a fore mentioned!

Simply put. On the daily. I am fortunate to be alive after the mistakes of my youth, blessed by God far beyond what I could hope think, or even imagine. And, at every turn I TRY to keep these thoughts in the front of my life and living.